This function exports the passed in calibration(s) data frame to Excel. The different kinds of information (all data, model coefficients, summary, evaluation range) are exported to separate tabs within the excel file. If there are multiple different calibrations in the data frame (i.e. multiple *calib_params columns), ALL will be exported with different tabs for each.

iso_export_calibration_to_excel(calibs_df, filepath, ...,
  include_all_data = TRUE, include_calib_coefs = TRUE,
  include_calib_summary = TRUE, include_calib_range = TRUE,
  quiet = default(quiet))



calibration(s) data frame (i.e. the output of functions like iso_generate_calibration, iso_apply_calibration, iso_evaluate_calibration_range). Must still be nested (i.e. before running any of the iso_unnest... functions) to make sure it contains alll information.


the path where to store the Excel file.


named list of additional data frames to include in the summary (each will get their own tab)


whether to include a tab for all the peak data - if this function is called after iso_apply_calibration this will include


whether to include a tab for the model coefficients


whether to include a tab for the model summary


whether to include a tab for the evaluation range (if available, i.e. generated by iso_evaluate_calibration_range)


returns the calib object invisibly for use in pipelines