Visualize how consistent the reference peaks are across a serious of samples.

iso_plot_ref_peaks(dt, ratio, group_id, is_ref_condition,
  is_ref_used = NULL, within_group = FALSE)



data table


which ratio column(s) to compare for the reference peaks (can be multiple)


group identifier column(s) to clarify which peaks belongs to a single analysis - first column in group id is used for x axis labels


condition to identify which of the peaks are reference peaks. Must be a column or expression that evaluates to a logical (TRUE/FALSE).


[optional] parameter to identify which of the reference peaks (is_ref_condition) are actually used for ratio/ratio calculations. Must be a column or expresion that evaluates to a logical (TRUE/FALSE). If this parameter is provided, the used reference peaks are higlight in solid while the other peaks are slightly opaque.


whether to visualize the deviation within the specified group or across all groups